How to become a lyricist

become a lyricistIf you’ve ever heard lyrics from a song and thought “I can do it,” then a career as a lyricist might be right. Lyricists can work for music albums, musical theatre or advertising campaigns. But you must have exceptional talent, a great work ethic, and be able to make connections with musicians.

Lyricists are not writers. Song songwriters are responsible to the music and lyrics. Lyricists often work alongside other lyricists. Some lyricists are freelancers. They pitch their work to editors, music supervisors, and publishers. The best lyricists are creative, detail-oriented, and persistent. They should be able to convey a strong sense of movement and emotion in the story.

Education Requirements

You don’t need to be a musician to become a lyricist. You can be a lyricist if you have a solid musical vocabulary. A bachelor’s degree in songwriting, music theory, or music performance will help you. And My Paper Done experts can help you on the way to getting the degree.


A professional lyricist typically works as an album songwriter, musical theater lyricist/adapter, and librettist. This is the person who creates the text of an opera. This can take many years, and it requires extreme ambition and networking skills.

Except for hip-hop, rap, professional lyricists are not in great demand. Country and pop musicians may hire lyricists from their music publishing companies. The need for lyricists will continue to evolve.

Years of experience and high salary

Professional lyricists can earn a living in many different areas. It depends on whether you work freelance, as a staff writer, or as a musical theatre composer or in another related field. The median salary for music directors and composers in 2018 was $49630. It’s $23.86 per hour. These people earn half as much as the rest.

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Trends in Job Growth

Freelance lyricist jobs are not easy to find. If your talent lies in lyric writing, you can get a job in the music industry almost right away.

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