Niche Genres Flooding Mainstream Entertainment 

Whether it be movies, books, music, or even social media content, there have always been particular niches that veered off from the norm and thrived in their own space. Nowadays, it seems that the lines between genres are blurring, and with the internet having worldwide reach, nothing stays in its bubble for too long. Things that people paid no mind to in the past are now plastered everywhere, and genres that only certain groups of people could relate to are now a global phenomenon. Here are just a few niches that are now a big part of modern pop culture.

The Dystopian Niche

The dystopian genre has been around for a long, long time now, and while many popular works that belong to it have made it into the mainstream before, now it’s practically taking over every part of popular media! With discord in real societies worldwide growing, we love seeing a fictional hero rise to dismantle the injustice in their fictional world. Books and movies like The Hunger Games series, the Divergent series, and The Maze Runner series are living proof of how popular this genre is becoming.

Of course, it’s worth mentioning that the dystopian genre is particularly big with a young adult audience. Naturally, this makes tons of sense. The main themes in these stories revolve around rebelling against authority and discovering our place in the world. These are things that all of us can easily relate to in our adolescence. 

The Gambling Niche

Online casinos have gone viral in the last couple of years, which seems to have brought the gambling niche to a much wider audience than before. It’s not surprising to see these platforms reach success. They offer excellent games, run fun promotional events, and provide a gaming experience that’s easy to access. Classics like Poker and Blackjack don’t just thrive at NetBet casino online anymore, but are appearing as a common theme throughout films, TV, and even books! Much of the time, casinos even take center-stage as a main component of the story!

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The Gore Niche

This sub-genre of horror isn’t something we’d call suited for everyone. Focusing on depicting some of the worst things imaginable, the niche for this genre was quite small. With horror movies like Jaw and Hostel breaking through to mainstream and witnessing massive success, the gore niche seemed to peak! While it might not be a pretty picture, it seems that many people today enjoy seeing it. We’re not exactly sure what attracts a lot of us towards this particular genre, but it’s clear that disturbing films are here to stay.

The Superhero Niche

The superhero niche belonged to geek culture way before it made it into the mainstream. Once upon a time, comic books depicting our favorite heroes weren’t considered as “cool” as they are now, and the only people that went against the grain and expressed a love for the genre were often deemed “losers”. The superhero genre becoming a pop-culture sensation is proof of how much times have changed. With the biggest names in comic books, DC and Marvel, releasing blockbusters at least twice a year now, it’s safe to say that the audience for this genre has expanded drastically. 

At this point, we’re not sure if “niche” is the right word to use when talking about the superhero genre. While alternative superhero media and comic books aren’t insanely popular, superhero movies and TV shows are now entertainment staples. Many of these movies have made the list of highest-grossing movies in history, with some even snagging Oscar nominations and wins in prestigious categories!

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