Top 3 Services To Split PDF

Split PDF

Isn’t it very inconvenient to receive a very thick book when you only need a couple of pages? Aside from the weight, the unnecessary pages could make it very hard to browse those chapters that you have to work on. The same goes for PDF files that have a lot of pages – it would be easier to just get the pages that you would need.

Unlike physical books, users may be required to browse the pages one by one. A normal book can be harshly turned until you reach the page you are looking for. Since it is not possible to do the same on pdf readers (especially when you don’t know the page number/s), it is recommended to split the pages you need. The good thing is, doing this task is very easy with online pdf tools. Here are some of the top 3 services to split pdf files online.

  1. SmallPDF

This Switzerland-based online pdf tools resource provides comprehensive functions that include splitting PDF files. It has minimal ads and an easy-to-use interface. Users who need to separate pdf pages can upload the file through the website by choosing from the system file directory, drag and drop, through Dropbox or Google Drive. The service promises a two-click separation process that divides the PDF file into individual one-pagers or extracts particular pages to create a new PDF document. You may also simultaneously add and extract pages from several PDFs. The free service will only allow 2 documents per day. Unlimited document processing is available on paid plans, where prices start at US$7 per agent monthly.

  1. PDF2Go

PDF2Go is also a free PDF splitter tool that lets the user separate pages from any PDF document. Just like SmallPDF, users can upload through selecting from the file directory, drag and drop, Dropbox, and Google Drive. The split pdf service is for free to process one document with a maximum file size of 50MB. Users can register to the site to allow a higher file size of 100 MB but still limited to create one file per day. For those who need more than the stated size, the Premium plan can process up to 8 GB. This paid plan will cost US$6 monthly, but the yearly billing can save up to 33%.


This website can also split a single PDF page or a full collection of PDF files into several PDF files. The user interface is clean and organized which has fewer ads and easy to navigate. Instructions are clearly provided below the file upload section that will be helpful to new users. 2PDF also secures the user’s privacy by deleting the downloaded file instantly after conversion and clears the converted files within 24 hours. Aside from splitting pdf files, it has different tools that range from basic functions to the most advanced ones. As of writing, the service (including the use of other pdf tools) is free of charge with higher file limitations and allows more files to be processed compared to its competitors.

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